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Now with COVID tracking.

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Why Choose DataSavvy

DataSavvy is the most comprehensive Recruitment Software on the market. Our product was launched in 2006 and we are 100% Australian Owned. We utilise the latest technology coupled with old fashioned customer service which makes us the obvious choice when it comes to your software needs.
Take a look at what we have to offer. **Now with COVID management**

Our Tools

Extensive tools and features within our software provides for maximum productivity.
Our extensive API allows endless possibilities to connect to third party providers. This allows your business to build a software framework that works for you.


Safety & Medical

Overlooking site safety and employee medical considerations will cost time and money. Your focus should always be on Safety, Risk and Medical compliance.
Our software works to ensure the safety and well-being of your clients, candidates and recruiters.



Our pricing suits any business size. During quiet periods, if users don't log in, you won't be charged.
This flexibility means your business can scale without having to change contracts or pay for phantom users.

$25 per week *

COVID Tracking


  • Vaccination - fully, partially, not, exempt
  • Vaccination #1 / #2 dates
  • Vaccination status last checked
  • Vaccination expiry
  • Booster date
  • Covid Test date

About DataSavvy

DataSavvy is proudly Australian Owned and Operated.
We continue to work hard to comply with Australian Requirements.
Established in 2006, Datasavvy was the first Cloud Based Recruitment System in Australia.
Our software is continually developing from client feedback to ensure your processes meet new Industry Requirements as they evolve.
We fully understand the Recruitment Industry and its terminology.
Our software has two main components:
SearchME - covers all the day to day recruitment processes
CoverME - a comprehensive Safety & Injury Management system


In the fast paced recruitment world, it is essential to quickly onboard, evaluate and transition suitable candidates.
It is just as imperative to search, select and place suitably qualified employees.

SearchME is a powerful tool that streamlines the entire recruitment process from onboarding through to:
- compliance
- searching
- placement
- timesheeting and payroll.
Our BDM tools allow you to transition potential clients and leads through to active clients seamlessly, while ensuring full compliance.
Logging communication is now essential for any business. Our system logs all SMS, Phone and Email communication content which ensures not only good communication skills, but also a comprehensive record of communication.


CoverME is designed for OHS and Risk Management.
CoverME manages all Risk, Safety and Worker's Compensation requirements.
Save on Insurance Premium Costs.


Find out what's new with DataSavvy and the Recruitment Industry.

COVID Vaccination Tracking is Available

Complete COVID Vaccination tracking is here

Is your business burdened with tracking candida (read more)

Datasavvy integrates with Workforce One

Australian owned payroll and accounting software system. Workforce One is designed specifica (read more)

Casual Worker Reform

New Legislation for Casual Worker Reform. Our Clients have been hot on our case to ensure they ca (read more)

New Email Plugin App in Development

An easy way to keep track of all recruiter email correspondence.

The full content of emails (read more)

Employee Compliance is more important than ever. We take it seriously.

Many of our competitors have now identified that Compliance is a major requirement of CRM's a (read more)

Datasavvy integrates with RatesCalc

RatesCalc manages Wage Compliance. Go to RatesCalc to find out more or email info@ratescalc. (read more)

Pricing - $25* per user

Only pay for what you use.
Our pricing model allows your company to adapt to busy and quiet times. Each user is charged at $25 per week only if they log-in.
This means you are not paying user fees for those who are on leave.
There is a minimum charge of 3 Users per week. *exGST $AU

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CoverME manages Workers' Compensation claims from start to finish.
All documentation, evidence and records in one safe place.

  • keep on top of claims and Workers' Compensation management
  • reduce potential work place accidents
  • reduce insurance costs
  • integrates seamlessly with SearchME Recruitment Software
  • LTI/MTI/FAI frequency reports
  • add clients/sites and grouping
  • add tasks
  • add/view claims
  • add/view incidents
  • causes/factors
  • comprehensive reports
  • evidence - immediate actions
  • hazard management
  • expense management


Our system has all the features you would expect from a Recruitment Package..... including some you may not have thought of.

Applicant Tracking System

Our workflow process allows you to easily convert an online applicant to a fully compliant job ready employee.

Online Applicants can be provided a Secure Token to access the SearchME Portal.

Information gathered from the portal response is transferred directly into SearchME, saving your team a lot of data entry.

With this information, Applicants are screened to determine your Company Compliance requirements, before converting to a Job Ready Employee.

Business Development

Our powerful Advanced Employee search identifies the talent you already have, rather than placing another advert.

Datasavvy provides choice for your Job Boards, to suit your Business Strategy.

Our Applicant Portal provides all the relevant Applicant information required for fast compliance and conversion to a Job Ready Employee.


DataSavvy stays up to date with all relevant recruitment labourhire laws and obligations.

Failures in compliance can result in sanctions, financial penalties or litigation.

As business survival strategies go, our software has the tools to ensure your business is compliant.

Before converting Applicants to Job Ready Employees, the 'Applicant Status' page displays compliance status.

Customer Relationship Management

Datasavvy has the tools to maintain positive customer relations. Understand their requirements, resolve their problems, and create a sense of mutual understanding.

Whether you are a Business Development Manager, Consultant or Manager, Datasavvy has all of the information and documentation you need to remain in full control of your client's needs.

Every piece of information generates comprehensive reports related to all aspects of client management.

For Business Development a ‘Hot Clients’ list can be set up.

‘Call back’ tasks can be applied to a Consultant or Business Development Manager.

Our Reporting tracks all Sales and Service calls completed by Consultants and Business Development Managers.

All client contacts can be listed and categorised.

Site safety inspections/hazards can be applied to a client with an associated risk rating and follow up task.

Comprehensive company profiling can be applied to a client.

Job Templates can be created to save time re-generating information.

A Preferenced employees register can be added to a client and linked to an employee.

A ‘Do Not Send’ register can be added to an employee and then linked to a customer with associated alerts.

Client alerts, accounts, Industry sectors and payroll information can be added.

Pay and charge rates can be added, then be attached to job orders and subsequently flow through to our time sheeting for payroll and accounts purposes.

All placed employees can be viewed in a variety of ways, including easily compliance checked to ensure they are fully work ready.

Employee Management System

Datasavvy holds all employee’s details and documents. We've ensured they are easy to navigate and search.

There's no need for manual copies or external hard drives for storage, we take care of that.

All documents, including visas can be issued with expiry dates for expiry reporting purposes.

Employee expired visa and ticket information can be automatically emailed to a consultant or viewed within a report.

All documents can be:
- selected and zip filed for email purposes.
- accessed from the one tab "employee details".

Indigenous information includes Indigenous Family Name.

Internal Testing and Training courses can be applied and tracked.

A ‘Do not Send’ register can be added to an employee and linked to a customer with associated alerts.

A Preferenced employee register can be added to a client and linked to an employee.

Employee medical information can be added with associated alerts before deployment.

PPE sizing with an accompanying asset register can be entered against an employee.

Work Rosters and placement information templates can set up for different work sites and then emailed or SMS’d to the employee.

Placed employees can be easily compliance checked to ensure they are fully work ready.

Job Boards

Over the years Datasavvy has integrated with various job boards and social media platforms.

We can also push your jobs to your website for maximum exposure in real time and responses are automatically registered in our system.

This list is constantly being added to so if we are missing something you need then please contact us to discuss the integration.


Our ‘Lists’ gives you additional snapshots of different ways to view your client information and employee placements as well as client interaction, in an easy to navigate and interactive way.

They are also used as a secondary reporting process.


Datasavvy has a full internal E-mail and SMS Function. All E-mails and SMS’s can be templated for ease of use including merged fields if required.

SMS content is stored in the appropriate file within the system. We can also receive SMS content and flag when a message has been returned. Received messages can also be pushed to a consultants mobile if this is required.

We can additionally link your outlook (via plug-in) should you require your external emails to be stored within Datasavvy.


We understand that one type of payroll system does not suit everyone. With this in mind, we allow you to choose a payroll system that suits your business.

We interact with many payroll systems either by our API which makes the process seamless, or you can choose to use our internal time sheeting component which enables you to create a spread sheet for up-loading purposes.

Our time sheeting component gives you a fantastic suite of tools to report on your payroll activity in real time.

Rates Management

SearchME provides excellent internal Rates Management.
Datasavvy also Integrates with RatesCalc to ensure Compliance with Industry Requirements.


Datasavvy’s reports are second to none. Since we started on 2006, we have built a list of reports that have been requested from our clients over the years. These reports can be generated in various formats and ways from our system. You can even draw your own reports by utilising our API.

If the data is in the system, we can produce the report.

Safety, Risk Management & Injury Claims


Employee and Site Safety is of paramount importance to all businesses and we have you covered.

Datasavvy has a built-in Injury Management and Site Safety component. This allows you to enter Site Safety Inspections with expiry times and allocate risk Ratings.

Should an Employee have an accident, or an Incident occurs on site then the whole process can be entered, managed, and reported on.

Accurate LTI, MTI and FAI reporting can also be established.


By simply loading all your training courses into Datasavvy then we can provide you with comprehensive records of all the courses an employee has completed with a pass or fail.

Training courses are viewable within the training tab of an employee and fully reportable.

Partners ... your choice

We realise the restrictions you may encounter if you cannot choose the back office systems to suit your specific business needs.
DataSavvy seamlessly integrates with high quality back end System Partners.



Job Posting

Seamless integration with Job Posting, Applications and Onboarding.

Workforce One

Workforce One

Payroll & Accounts System

Payroll, Accounts, Rates and Timesheet integration designed for Recruitment and Training Companies.


Rates Calc

Rates Management

Manage your Rates to ensure Compliance with Industry Requirements.



Job Posts

Multipost Job Board provider

Australian Government


Super Funds

Realtime access to Superfund USI and Super Schemes.




Payroll, Accounts, Rates and Timesheet Integration designed for your Recruitment Company.



Accounts Software

Realtime access to Xero and Accounts Payroll.
** Not suitable for large companies.

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